FreeStyle Libre 3 System

Next-Gen CGM performance you can count on



Next-Gen CGM performance you can count on

  • Now with the smallest, thinnest1 and most discreet2 sensor yet
  • Readings3 are updated 5x faster than other CGMs4
  • Outperforms other CGMS in connectivity5
  • Unsurpassed 14-day accuracy, especially in the low glucose range6
  • Optional, real-time glucose alarms let patients know the minute their glucose is too low6

fsl3 thin sensor-mini-pharmacyThe World’s Smallest, Thinnest,1 and Most
Discreet2 Sensor




Product Comparison

How does the FreeStyle Libre 3 system compare with the original FreeStyle Libre system and the FreeStyle Libre 2 system?

FreeStyle Libre system
FreeStyle Libre 2 system
FreeStyle Libre 3 system
Check glucose levels without the need for finger pricks10

Sensors that last up to 14 days

Excellent accuracy6

In-depth reporting

Optional alarms


Real-time glucose readings

with every scan

with every scan

streaming automatically

Sensor size

Height: 5mm
Diameter: 35mm

Height: 5mm
Diameter: 35mm

Height: 2.9mm
Diameter: 21mm