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Insulin Pump

Minimed 770G System

Insulin Pump

  • Approved for ≥ 2 years old
  • Consists of MiniMed 770G insulin pump, the Guardian Link transmitter, the Guardian 3 sensor, one-press Serter, Accu-Chek guide link blood glucose meter, Accu-Chek guide link test strips.
  • Calibration required for sensor 2-4x/day
  • Automatically adjusts background insulin every 5 minutes (SmartGuard Auto Mode).
  • Connects directly with a smart phone (Minimed Mobile app – patient, CareLink Connect app – CG, family)
  • Has exercise setting
  • Pump is waterproof under 12 ft for up to 24 hours
  • Transmitter & sensor are water resistant 8 ft for up to 30 min

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