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FreeStyle Libre

The Next-Gen CGM for Effortless
Diabetes Management


Explore a new era in diabetes management with FreeStyle Libre System:

A revolutionary Continuous Glucose Monitoring system meticulously designed to empower both healthcare
providers and patients.

Experience the fusion of cutting-edge innovation and unmatched simplicity, providing your patients with
real-time readings, unparalleled discretion, and proven clinical outcomes.

Elevate the standard of care with Mini Pharmacy, your partner in ushering in a brighter, more accessible
future for diabetes control.

Why Dexcom from Mini Pharmacy?


Enjoy real-time glucose readings,
updated every minute directly on your patients’ smartphones, ensuring they stay ahead and make informed decisions for optimal glucose control.

Excellent Outcomes

With proven clinical outcomes,
FreeStyle Libre 3, complemented by the user-friendly app, compatible with select devices, streamlines monitoring for both patients and healthcare providers, enhancing convenience and compatibility.

Know the Difference

Unlock the next level of diabetes care with FreeStyle Libre 3 –
offering real-time glucose readings, unparalleled discretion, and proven clinical outcomes
over 14 days, setting a new standard in precision.

Exploring the distinctions between FreeStyle Libre 2 and FreeStyle Libre 3.