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Our goal as a pharmacy is to always put the patients first. We always ensure to have great communication between provider, pharmacy, and patient for constant updates and to ensure all supplies go out on time.

We service all of the following states: California, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington

For questions regarding what insurances are covered by Mini Pharmacy, please reach out to your sales representative and they will be able to better assist you.

Mini Pharmacy is currently available on the Parachute platform, via fax and E – Script

Mini Pharmacy provides complimentary shipping to all patients, to a valid home address

A notification will be sent out to patients notifying them they are doing a refill seven days prior to the fill date, they can opt into a no or yes response. The patient can also call Mini Pharmacy to request a refill

Patient should call the distributor customer care line

Patient should call the product vendor, if unavailable patient should contact the pharmacy for a pharmacist consultation

 Make sure it is a clear and dry surface with no product application prior. For further instructions, please contact your doctor

 Please confirm with the pharmacy we have your correct contact number, if you are not receiving a notification via text, email and or phone call.

For direct order inquiries, please email mini pharmacy at questions@minipharmacy.net

Patient should confirm all contact information and ensure we have valid address and insurance information. Making sure you have had a visit with your md within the last 6 months. Patient should also ensure timely response on text message refills to ensure order is processed on time

When an insurance requests an authorization for a specific order, they are requiring the pharmacy to get permission to fill this order. A patients insurance needs to approve or deny the order being requested.

A patients doctor will prescribe the amount for a supply typically followed by the allowed amount per your insurance company.

Yes, Patient will need to provide notice to a Mini Pharmacy staff member. Please contact Mini Pharmacy via email at questions@minipharmacy.net and/or phone at (888) 545 – 6464 to provide valid date and time of pickup

Processing of order within 24 – 48 hours, as long as Mini pharmacy is provided with all the necessary documents to ensure a timely response.

Processing of order within 48 – 72 hours, as long as Mini pharmacy is provided with all the necessary documents to ensure a timely response.

Mini Pharmacy needs to ensure proper shipping and delivery, validated addresses ensure time sensitive prescriptions will be delivered on time.

Please ensure the correct fax number is being used (800) 280 – 2939. Please email Mini Pharmacy at questions@minipharmacy.net and/or phone (888) 545 – 6464 for further assistance.

Requires, in an event a patients has not been seen and an updated clinical notes is needed, Mini Pharmacy will require a glucose reading to verify a patient’s status.

It is a requirement by most insurance health plans to ensure patient is meeting the correct criteria to be covered for their supplies.

The pharmaceutical board requires a digital signature or a manual stamp to ensure a manual signature, stamps are not approved.

-Mini does have access for existing patients to submit some authorizations.

– Depending on the insurance, Insurances require the doctors office to submit authorization to the insurance

– Authorization can be denied by insurance for several reasons,

– Insurance denies due to believing it is not medically necessary for patients and/or improper billing codes submitted

– Due to the insurance, if patient is not meeting the medical guidelines / criteria for a cgm, they can be denied the product

Mini Pharmacy has pharmacist Care Team available for any questions regarding your supplies

Yes, Mini pharmacy has a Pharmacist Care team who can assist with this by calling our direct Mini Pharmacy line

Mini requires Clinical notes within the last six months, prescription, and patient information for contact


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Here’s how to apply the Free Style Libre 2 Sensor. Watch the video here for the step by step procedure >>  https://youtu.be/_yPlKtNbFIg

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Libre 3

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