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Diabetic Self-Management Training Program

For those living with diabetes, proper diabetes management is key to maintaining one’s health. The Diabetic Self-Management Training Program provides individuals with diabetes the tools and resources they need to manage their diabetes effectively. DSMT educators provide evidence-based education to help diabetes patients understand diabetes, prevent complications, and, most importantly, learn how to care for themselves when dealing with diabetes-related issues. Enroll in the program today.

List Of DSMT Topics

DSMT Educators

Anh Le Ngoc-mini-pharmacy

Anh Le Ngoc Tran

Anh Tran is a highly qualified clinical pharmacist with a prestigious PharmD degree from Western University of Health and Sciences in California. She holds certifications in Comprehensive Medical Management (CMM), Pharmacist and Patient Center Diabetes Care, and Medication Therapy Management (MTM). With over seven years of experience at Mini Pharmacy and Medical Supplies, Anh has successfully guided numerous individuals towards achieving their target blood sugar range and preventing diabetes-related complications.

Elle Lequang-mini-pharmacy

Elle Lequang

Elle Lequang is also a highly skilled clinical pharmacist who graduated with a PharmD degree from MCPHS University in Boston. She has gained extensive expertise in diabetes management through her work at Mini Pharmacy, including a comprehensive understanding of medication therapy, blood glucose monitoring, and lifestyle interventions. Elle firmly believes that educating and empowering patients is crucial to successful diabetes management, and she is dedicated to providing her patients with the tools and support necessary to take control of their health and lead fulfilling lives.

Rebecca Rahmanpour-mini-pharmacy

Rebecca Rahmanpour

With over thirteen years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Rebecca Rahmanpour serves as the Pharmacist in charge at Mini pharmacy. As a dedicated and driven professional, she has strategically chosen a path in management and leadership to make impactful changes within the organization.


Rebecca’s vision is to enhance patient care by implementing innovative solutions and fostering a collaborative environment among clinicians at Mini pharmacy. Her positive attitude, tireless energy, and strong leadership skills inspire others to strive for excellence and achieve success.


As a key member of the management team, Rebecca is committed to driving the highest standards of care and service, making Mini pharmacy a trusted and reliable healthcare provider.

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